Game Launches in September !

The Virtual Mate Game will be launching in September. We are now integrating the game with the launcher to provide easy download/update experience!

If you have already received your Core it means you are one of the supporters in the super-fast delivery batch, which costs us much more than usual for each parcel's shipping. We are testing different shipping methods now with our courier partners to find the best delivery solution for Core. Most of the orders with the regular shipping method will not arrive until September. (See delivery timetable: )

We originally planned to release the game at the end of August, but in order to make it easy for customers to download and update, we accepted the investment of an independent game launcher company and will use their game launcher to launch our game. We are now working hard to integrate the game with the launcher, and it is expected that the Virtual Mate Game will be officially released in September. The price will also be raised once the game is released.

If you are yet to vote for new Virtual Mates, kindly visit our contest page. As we always say, we will do our best to get copyright and feed your wildest fantasies!

Or if you want to share your ideas with us, please visit our survey page.

Thank you again for your contribution to Virtual Mate Campaign!
Please feel free to contact us at if you have any more questions!