download guide

1. Download and install Virtual Mate Launcher Installer.

Open VirtualMate_Launcher_installer.exe and install. Allow the launcher through Windows Firewall.

2. Open Virtual Mate Launcher and sign up with your email or social accounts.
(Don't use the username / password printed on the maunual in this step. These are for redeeming the game in the launcher, not for logging into the launcher.)

3. Log in Virtual Mate Launcher.

4. Redeem Virtual Mate Game with the Password in your product manual. (Product manual is packed inside your parcel.)

5. Log in Virtual Mate Game with the Username and Password in your product manual.

6. Plug in Bluetooth Receiver. Get Core ready. Have fun!

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Please contact if you have any questions!

Virtual Mate CEO Statement - Software Release

We are delighted to finally announce the release of our Virtual Mate System, exactly one year after our crowdfunding campaign began. While it has by no means been an easy ride, we are thrilled to have officially launched this amazing project, and we wouldn’t have done it without your immense support!

As a pioneer in the virtual intimacy industry, we experienced countless hurdles that we never imagined at the start of this project. To begin with, mainstream crowdfunding platforms refused to accept and publish our crowdfunding campaigns at the agreed-upon launch date. Furthermore, several mainstream advertising platforms declined to publish our ads, and it didn’t take long for major online payment platforms to also withdraw their service from our website. To further complicate our production, we were also dealt a huge blow when the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe and severely affected our hardware production and logistic operations.

Our entire team also faced monumental financial struggles. Without the support of mainstream advertising platforms and online payment solution providers, we battled serious cashflow problems and had next to no source of income and consequently struggled to keep the project alive. Regardless, the entire team persevered and continued to work against the odds because we believed in what we were trying to achieve.

We subsequently had to take out loans, and all members of our team also volunteered to forgo their salaries for several months to help finance our scheduled hardware production. Eventually, we started to explore other innovative marketing strategies and worked tirelessly to build connections and partner with more platforms.

Thanks to the incredible support we received from our many supporters and the inspiring revolutionary project that we were working on, we have hit another laudable milestone. Owing to the growing popularity of our product, several investors have already indicated serious interest in our project. Recently, a top gaming publishing company offered to invest in our product and has provided us with the best indie game launcher to work with. This means that players can now seamlessly enjoy up to date Virtual Mate gaming content with the Virtual Mate Launcher.

As you may have noticed from the layout of our launcher, we are now ready to dock other games with similar themes. We are not just offering a Virtual Mate Game; we are also building a world-class Virtual Intimacy Gaming Platform. At the same time, we are now opening our hardware connection to interested third-party game developers to enable them to build and upload their own characters or games to our platform, allowing our players to interact with even more virtual characters and enjoy a more versatile and immersive gaming experience.

We want to use this medium to express our sincerest appreciation to you and other passionate gamers that made this project possible. We want to say a big thank you to those that continued to support this project despite all the uncertainty we faced. Our gaming system would never have made it this far without your unwavering support.

We value your support and would love to get your feedback about our products and games, feel free to let us know how we can improve. (We will post a survey in the launcher soon.)We promise to continue to develop our games and platforms to the very best standard and will stop at nothing to provide the best intimate gaming experience in the world!