Frequently Asked Questions

When will customers be able to get their hands on Virtual Mate?

We are shipping worldwide in batches according to the order date. It takes 2 weeks to deliver after the order is placed (packaging and transit times are affected due to the coronavirus.)

You’re advertising an 'early bird price'. Normal price for those who missed out on the early bird prices will be $399, correct?

We are setting up a limited quantity of 'Early Bird Perks' with the lowest prices we can offer. Once the Limited Offer is are gone, new customers need to pay more for Virtual Mate perk. 


Discreet delivery?

Yes! Discreet Packaging & Delivery. We ship your order in a neutral package, without external mention of the goods inside or the website, ensuring the discretion of our shipments. Packages are protected so that your order arrives safely.

When can we expect Virtual Mate to be on shelves for consumer consumption?

September, 2020. We will be finishing delivery to both early bird supporters and our distributors by then.


Shipping Worldwide?

Yes, we ship to most places in the world!
However, we don't deliver products to or offer services in these regions: Balkans, Belarus, Burma, China, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Mali, Nicaragua, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.


Pairing with other devices?

We are open to all kinds of game / software / hardware projects that want to pair/sync with Core. Core's SDK is now available to game developers who like to work with us:
As long as a game has an interaction mode like ours, it can sync with "Core".

Inner Canal Material?

We've spent months last year searching for the best material for the inner canal and been discussing and running tests with our manufacturer. We’ve finally selected one kind of premium material (so far we consider it as an improved TPE) that will be soft, safe, easy to clean, and durable. We are confident that with such material, players would have an immersive real-life experience with their desired virtual mates.

How many more Virtual Mates will there be?

We’ve collaborated with numerous actresses, appearing in our system soon. We can create a realistic virtual mate or a 2D virtual mate based on anyone or any 2D character’s appearance, provided they authorize the copyright. You can vote for your favorite characters and actresses online, and we’ll do our best to get copyright and feed your wildest fantasies.

Motion Variety?

Your Virtual Mate receives your depth, speed, strength in real-time and responds accordingly, thus she moves exactly as a real human would move. We’ve built different sets of micro-length motions, which combine into different types of motions and convert seamlessly. Players will never feel their virtual mates are acting like a robot or repeating the same motion all the time.

Virtual Mate Voice Pack?

We now have one English Pack and we plan to offer at least 3 basic voice packs. Voice samples from different voice-over artists will also be displayed on our website and our players can then vote for their desired voices.



We are measuring the latency in every level test. We are sure that players will not sense any delay while having fun with their virtual mates.


My PC has seen better days, will it be able to run Virtual Mate?

Think of it this way. If your computer can run World of Warcraft, League of Legends, StarCraft, PUGB, and/or Fortnite, it can run Virtual Mate.

Does Virtual Mate run Mac OS too?

Yes! We use Unreal Engine - a cross-platform game engine to develop the game part of Virtual Mate system. Mac version will come a bit later than Windows version.


VR Devices?

VR Mode of PC / Laptop / Mac is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Series.
We are trying to register as a Play Station developer but we can't be sure if we can finally launch on Play Station. However, there are certain ways to connect PSVR to a PC and play VR games (including VR Mode of Virtual Mate) developed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Series.
Mobile VR Mode is compatible with all kinds of VR headsets that use the smartphone screen as its display, such as Google Cardboard, Gear VR, etc.


If it’s currently more like a game/movie, does it have an ending?

We can't say it will have an ending since we will keep producing new game content.


The Core device won’t be able to link to other interactive content that’s currently available, correct? Why this decision?

The 'Core' is surely able to link to other interactive content. However, interactive content from other content produces can't compete with Virtual Mate. Also, Virtual Mate game is exclusive to Core users. Other interactive devices can't interact with Virtual Mates.

If you’re making a male and female one, is there a possibility that real people could sync up?

Yes, there's the possibility we offer this function. Actually, if we want to, it's quite easy to implant such a function on Virtual Mate System, with just a few more lines of simple codes. However, as we always say, we aim to provide the most realistic virtual intimate experience worldwide. We are building the bridge between virtual and reality, allowing users to engage with realistic virtual partners for a uniquely lifelike experience that's like reality, but different in its own way.


Considering you’re looking at eventually making characters based off of celebrities, existing video game characters, etc. would it maybe be possible for regular people to create avatars of themselves for partners to enjoy? How extensive could the script be? (For example, if someone consents to the use of their image, they’d also have to send along audio tracks, right? But then there’d only be a limited number of vocalizations, no?)  

We will keep creating virtual mates that our users want, but we won't let users create avatars of themselves for partners to enjoy for now. If we do so now, it has to be an automated process for all users to build such avatars by themselves, which can't be photorealistic at all. Yes, images and audio tracks are required. The more data we have, the more variations will be in the script.


Aside from being more photorealistic, how is Virtual Mate unique to other devices/experiences that are currently on the market?

Users will feel Virtual Mate is REALLY interacting with them. We have shaped virtual mate's captivating back-story, while injecting her with distinct characteristics. The plot thickens just like a big-budget Hollywood film, helping the user learn more about Sheila along the way and build a deeper connection with her. The other devices/experiences can't do so. They are all pre-recorded and poorly designed. They can't bring users the real immersive experience of interacting with virtual lovers.


Your tagline: “I had sex with A.I.” How far off are we from being able to have sex with Siri? Or a virtual version of Scarlett Johansson’s character from ‘Her?’ When will we get to the point of realistically being able to have sex with an online girlfriend who can deviate from a more or less set script?

This would probably take a really long time. However, we believe companies like us will keep creating better virtual experiences over time. Through advanced technological development, Virtual Mate's performance will replicate that of a real person, without traditional stress or limitations. This makes virtual mate interaction more fun than anything you've ever experienced.


Thank you for your support! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! If possible, please also share Virtual Mate with your friends or related online communities. We believe people would love Virtual Mate once they get to know it!