Q: Pairing with other devices

A: We are open to all kinds of hardware that want to pair/sync with Core. Core's SDK will also be available to most game developers who like to work with us. As long as a game has an interaction mode like ours, it can sync with "Core".


Q: Are there any more demo videos or of Virtual Mate?

A: We will show quite a lot about our game content once we launch on Indiegogo! The videos you see on Indiegogo Pre-launch page are trailers only.


Q: Inner Canal Material:

A: We've spent months last year searching for the best material for the inner canal and been discussing and running tests with our manufacturer. We’ve finally selected one kind of premium material (so far we consider it as an improved TPE) that will be soft, safe, easy to clean, and durable. We are confident that with such material, players would have an immersive real-life experience with their desired virtual mates.


Q: How many more virtual mates will there be?

A: We’ve collaborated with numerous actresses, appearing in our system soon. We can create a realistic virtual mate or a 2D virtual mate based on anyone or any 2D character’s appearance, provided they authorize the copyright. You can vote for your favorite characters and actresses online, and we’ll do our best to get copyright and feed your wildest fantasies.


Q: Motion Variety

A: Your Virtual Mate receives your depth, speed, strength in real-time and responds accordingly, thus she moves exactly as a real human would move. We’ve built different sets of micro-length motions, which combine into different types of motions and convert seamlessly. Players will never feel their virtual mates are acting like a robot or repeating the same motion all the time.


Q: Virtual Mate Voice Pack

A: We now have one English Pack and we plan to offer at least 3 basic voice packs in our first release. Voice samples from different voice-over artists will also be displayed on our website and our players can then vote for their desired voices.


Q: Latency?

A: We are measuring the latency in every level test. We are sure that players will not sense any delay while having fun with their virtual mates.


Q: Does Virtual Mate run Mac OS too?

A: Yes! We use Unreal Engine - a cross-platform game engine to develop the game part of Virtual Mate system. Mac version will come a bit later than Windows version.


Thank you for your support! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! If possible, please also share Virtual Mate with your friends or related online communities. We believe people would love Virtual Mate once they get to know it!