About Virtual Mate Team

As a California-based team of Unreal Engine developers and smart device engineers, we aim to provide the most realistic virtual intimate experience worldwide. We are building the bridge between virtual and reality, allowing users to engage with realistic virtual partners for a uniquely lifelike experience that's like reality, but different in its own way.

Through advanced technological development over time, Virtual Mate's performance will become growingly real. Her performance will replicate that of a real person, without traditional stress or limitations. This makes virtual mate interaction more fun than anything you've ever experienced.

We are able to create virtual mates based on ANY character or actress who provides us with permission. As we gain more copyrights, you'll gain access to more virtual mates based on the appearances of the icons you know and love. While the current version has been designed for male users, our female-user version is in development.

Our global team members and partners are constantly working to develop new technologies, overcoming various technical challenges while working for more realistic visual effects and interactive experiences. Our content production team is also hard at work to create compelling plots that make the user part of every story. Ultimately, we're bringing more joy to the world-one virtual mate at a time. Be the first to enjoy the unprecedented pleasure by supporting us today, for the possible lowest price. Let's bring more virtual mates to more people around the globe-together!