Media Press Release

VIRTUAL MATE is the world’s first virtual intimacy system, a ground-breaking infrastructure of realistic “Virtual Mate” software and multi-functional hardware. As a California-based team of Unreal Engine developers and smart device engineers, we have dedicated years of time, money, and energy to devising an intimate virtual encounter so immersive and realistic, users are losing sight of what’s real or fictional. 

Virtual Mates are the most photo-realistic real-time virtual characters the world has ever seen. We’ve used world-leading technology to create virtual people that users can interact with in real-time. It’s set to change the way people enjoy their private time - forever.

Anyone on Earth can be turned into a photorealistic Virtual Mate - provided we can get the copyright. Virtual Mate game features exciting and engaging background stories, along with interactive plots, that take each user on an emotional journey with their virtual mates.

Apart from the advanced software, Virtual Mate is also built with state-of-the-art hardware with an advanced and elegant design. Equipped with a smart layer, the hardware ‘Core’ gathers and transfers your motion data to your Virtual Mate. She recognizes your speed, depth, and strength, responds in real-time. When you’re playing, it’s like watching a movie - and you’re the main character. It’s exhilarating, thrilling, and fully immersive. It’s life-changing.

Virtual Mate is set to change the lives of pornography-viewers worldwide, offering a private, clean, unpretentious and truly unforgettable virtual intimacy experience. Virtual Mate preserves the beauty and integrity of love-making, while offering pure sexual pleasure and the utmost satisfaction.

The pornography and sex toy industries haven’t shown much progress over the past decade. New products are always coming out, but there’s nothing fresh. Virtual Mate is a real game changer. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get, without the risk of sex crimes or the spread of STDs. Men and woman can explore their sexual impulses and reimagine erotic art - once and for all.

It’s no secret that animated characters portrayed in game video trailers differ from the ones found in the game itself. Why? Well, while most gaming masterpieces display 3D characters in the gaming interface, they also depict scenes and special effects that demand heavy computing resources. This makes it impossible to create totally lifelike gaming characters. At Virtual Mate, we are passionate about focusing on character display, maximizing computer processing power to shape the ultimate in character realism. This also reduces computing resource wastage, while pushing realism to the highest possible level in gameplay.

Here’s what some satisfied Virtual Mate users had to say:

"I had sex with AI."

"I don’t know how long others lasted. But the first time I interacted with my virtual mate, I popped after 30 seconds!"

"I like watching porn. I mean, who doesn't? But after trying Virtual Mate system, I began to think that porn is ridiculous and overrated. Why was I being such a voyeur watching other people make love?"

"I believe Virtual Mate system can stop married men from cheating. I want to reserve one for my dad."


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