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If you have prior marketing experience, especially in adult related products, we will like you to become a part of our marketing team. Please kindly contact us. 

Join our affiliate program here: https://virtualmate.kickbooster.me/boost
This program will generate a unique referral link for you to share. You will earn cashback every time someone clicks on your referral link and completes a purchase.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor of Virtual Mate and are willing to order Virtual Mate in bulk, feel free to contact and negotiate with us.

If you believe in our future growth and would love to become a part of our company, we welcome you to become an investor. Please contact us.

If you have experience in Unreal Engine and are willing to contribute to the Virtual Mate, please contact us directly. Bonus: You can unlimitedly browse NSFW contents (including those created by yourself) at work with us. ;)


Please fill the form below to get in touch or directly contact us at info@virtualmate.com