We are a company currently located in the United States. You are the creative content writer we are looking for if:

You’re a conceptual and creative thinker who puts your audience first.

Constructive criticism fuels and inspires you to edit your work to the next level.

You can enthusiastically communicate your ideas and present your work clearly.

You can come and work with leaders in the marketing and communication department. (We can provide you Visa Application guidance and assistance)


Primary responsibilities:

1. Write witty and insightful marketing materials (i.e., property descriptions, emails, social media campaigns, blog posts)

2. Establish tone and copy style to reflect brand positioning.

3. Assist the digital marketing team and copywriter by providing specific research for various projects.

‪4. Revise, edit, and proofread all copy to ensure the accuracy of information and writing mechanics.


We'd love to get to know you if you are a:

Junior/senior undergraduate student pursuing a degree (or equivalent) in English, marketing or a related subject.

Calculated and concise writer who is comfortable with both short and long-form content.

Natural storyteller who understands what your audience needs.

Strict grammarian

Chameleon when it comes to adapting to a brand’s voice, tone, and style. And you know the difference between the three.