New Year Letter to Supporters!


Delivering on our commitment to ensure product quality, we have worked earnestly to reduce production time by as much as possible. Currently, we have around 1,800 supporters and working tirelessly to increase our presently small demand. Since we don’t currently have a high-volume order, we are finding it difficult to convince the manufacturer to hasten our delivery schedule.

Furthermore, one of our major manufacturers will be going on a 2-3 weeks New Year Holiday in January. Therefore, the first batch of Cores will be delivered later than first anticipated. After a protracted and thorough renegotiation with the manufacturer and carefully reviewing our entire production process, we can confirm with certainty that our first batch of Cores is expected to be shipped in May. Despite the delayed delivery, we want to assure you that we will whatever it takes to bring you nothing but the best product in terms of quality.


Why is the pre-order discount and free lifetime upgrade offer period being extended?

To successfully launch Virtual Mate, we used to talk with representatives from Indiegogo for several months. The decision to opt for Indiegogo as our crowdfunding platform rather than Kickstarter was because they had successfully launched other adult products in the past. We made all the necessary plans and notified all our subscribers about the launch date and what to expect.

Unfortunately, on the day of the launch, Indiegogo’s new CEO turned the campaign down. On the other hand, we were left with no other option and were ultimately forced to launch on our website. However, the repercussion of Indiegogo’s refusal to launch our campaign resulted in low traffic to our website. We have invested heavily in both our software and hardware development, and we have currently not made any profit.

To ensure the continuous development and success of this project, we would need even more supporters to ensure its profitability and growth. Since this is a crowdfunded campaign, we can do nothing but continue to offer discounts in a bid to attract more supporters and funds. At this stage, the more supporters we can get, the more funds we can invest in upgrading both our hardware and game content.

If you are yet to vote for new Virtual Mates, kindly visit our contest page. As we always say, we will do our best to get copyright and feed your wildest fantasies!

Or if you want to share your ideas with us, please visit our survey page.

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Wanna join Virtual Mate Team?

If you have prior marketing experience, especially in adult related products, we will like you to become a part of our marketing team. Please kindly contact us.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor of Virtual Mate and are willing to order Virtual Mate in bulk, feel free to contact and negotiate with us.

If you believe in our future growth and would love to become a part of our company, we welcome you to become an investor. Please contact us.

If you have experience in Unreal Engine and are willing to contribute to the Virtual Mate, please contact us directly. Bonus: You can unlimitedly browse NSFW contents (including those created by yourself) at work with us. ;)

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