Delivery Timetable

1. Delivery Timetable

A tracking number will be assigned to every supporter within 1 to 2 weeks after their order has been dispatched.
The estimated delivery time for each parcel is 4 to 8 weeks. (The slower than normal delivery is caused by service disruption caused by the epidemic).

2. Why is the delivery delayed?
Most of our supporters are patient and understand that our normal delivery may experience several delays during this unprecedented period (particularly our super nice early supporters that have patiently waited for several months). However, we have decided to properly communicate with our supporters and inform them of the reason for the delay. We are running a crowdfunding project in the middle of the COVID19 outbreak. Currently, many production lines have had to either downscale or stop production due to the COVID19 pandemic. Even big companies such as Apple and Tesla are also struggling with shipment delays. Furthermore, our product is a brand-new offering that has never been produced. In the course of this epidemic, we have navigated through many challenges and collaborated with several reputable manufacturers to establish a brand-new production line. Despite this, we still ensured that our product was made to the highest quality and high production efficiency. We want to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this delay in delivery may cause. Still, we also want to reiterate that we are working hard and doing our possible best to ensure that the products reach you at the earliest possible time. Currently, our manufacturers are working 6 days of the week to enable us to ramp up production and delivery.
If you are interested in any specific information regarding production and shipment delays, please visit his page:

3. Please support us!
We urge our dear supporters to help us spread the word about our products to more people if possible. We are currently producing a brand-new software and hardware system that has never been made in the whole industry. Many Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns have also struggled with year-long delays that have only been worsened by this epidemic situation. In our case, we had to begin the design and production of both our hardware and design from scratch. Several years of investment in software development and the high cost of production and transportation in this current epidemic situation have overwhelmed us. But thanks to your constant support, we are now successfully producing the first batch of our products. Gaining new supporters also means that we have more funds to develop and offer you better gaming content in the future.

4. Official statement against malicious slander.
We want to also officially declare that we are ready to take legal action against some of the malicious and slanderous rumors that have been spread against the interest of our company. We want to state that any form of malice, slander, or unfounded falsehood against any of our partners, employees, and especially to our CEO Jeff, will be taken up under the full weight of the law. We will preserve all evidence and demand that such person(s) bear any associated legal responsibility.