Challenges in Marketing

Our team is comprised of hardware engineers, game developers, and a highly experienced advertising team. However, our advertisers are relatively new to the adult industry, and desperately lack the skill to use either Facebook or Google ads to market Virtual Mate. Unfortunately, despite being two of the most profitable and popular advertising companies in the world today, they currently do not support adult related products. This is also likely to have actively contributed to the lack of innovation or significant growth in adult products in recent decades. No wonder there has never been a similar product to Virtual Mate.

Fortunately, great products that offer value to people always find a way to thrive amid difficulties. We are glad to announce that Virtual Mate is not any different! Since the launch of Virtual Mate, despite low traffic and limited media coverage, we can boast of an extremely high conversion rate. Seasoned e-commerce experts have also alluded to this fact and have revealed that our products boast of more than double the conversion rate of other products sold online.

Against all odds, we have successfully been able to grow to 1500 supporters within 3 months! Therefore, we want to use this opportunity to sincerely say a heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, because YOU are the heart of Virtual Mate, and without you, we wouldn’t exist!

If you are yet to vote for new Virtual Mates, kindly visit our contest page. As we always say, we will do our best to get copyright and feed your wildest fantasies!

Or if you want to share your ideas with us, please visit our survey page.

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