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The stroker component of our revolutionary immersive intimacy system is the world's first human-computer sexual interaction interface device we call "Core"


Sleek and elegant on the outside, the "Core" is an ingenious blend of visual beauty and flawless ergonomics, affording a comfortable, unobtrusive hold for a seamless and streamlined immersive experience. The stylish wireless docking base makes for convenient storage, while assuring your virtual mate is always full of energy and ready to play.


The inner channel is delicately molded from premium-grade silicone to provide you with perfectly realistic sensations, a balance between silky softness and firm yet gently yielding grip. The "Core" is fully washable, inside and out.


The built-in smart self-warming system allows you to bring the device to perfectly calibrated temperature within seconds and maintain it throughout use to guarantee a realistic, intimate and comfortable encounter with your virtual mate.


The crowning achievement of the "Core" is the revolutionary "smart layer" technology based on an array of built-in state-of-the-art sensors that collect the speed, strength and depth of your thrust and stroke, passing it via Bluetooth to the software, causing your virtual mate to feel and react to your motions in real-time, further enhancing hyper-realism of the immersive experience.


The stroker component of our revolutionary immersive intimacy system is the world's first human-computer sexual interaction interface device we call "Core"


There you will meet Sheila, the world's first virtual model capable of truly interacting with the user in real-time, reacting to his every move, responding to each thrust and stroke, her sinuous movements and sensual facial expressions modeled on meticulous sampling of live models using latest facial and body motion capture technology, finely rendered by the top modelers and engineers in the industry. You are sure to fall in love and lust at once with your virtual mate's beautiful face, its truly lifelike expressions, her lithe flawless body assuming a veritable Kama Sutra of positions at your command, her seductive voice and impassioned moans of pleasure! We made a preview of several sample recordings of Sheila's real-time interactions here .


You can interact with Sheila via the Quick Mode, jumping right into the steamy action at any time. Or you can enter the Story Mode, where you will discover Sheila's captivating back-story and get to know the subtle nuances of her character and personality, developing a deep mental and emotional connection, elevating the physical stimulation to new heights of pleasure with added feeling of genuine intimacy and closeness.


The Virtual Mate software is build on the Unreal Engine, the cutting edge game-engine underpinning such popular video games as Fortnite, Bioshock & Borderlands. As such, our software is cross-platform compatible and is available on most modern PC, Mac and Android devices.

For the ultimate immersive experience, where reality and fantasy blend entirely, Virtual Mate is available in stunningly lifelike virtual reality on most popular VR headsets such as HTC Vive, Oculus, etc.


Our revolutionary virtual intimacy system has been fully crowdfunded by close to 5,000 enthusiastic supporters and acclaimed by a growing number of media outlets


We are dedicated to continuing to strive toward bringing still further realism to virtual interactions, fulfilling our customers' needs and desires. Our development roadmap will be determined to a large degree by our supporters who will vote as a community on which additional scenarios to develop, which features to add, which new models to digitize and make available as virtual mates. Any celebrity, actress or game character can become the next virtual mate -- as an early supporter, you will get an overwhelming priority in proposing and voting for your favorite.

In fact, our first round of voting for a new virtual mate has just been finalized and the inimitable, sexy Lexi Luna has been chosen by our supporters as the next virtual mate! As an early supporter ordering the Virtual Mate system, you will have free access Lexi Luna virtual mate, as well as to all new features, scenarios and virtual mates we will develop in the coming years.

Our software development team will continue to work on developing new technologies, further enhancing the visual and interactive aspects of the experiences, integrating new software and devices, while our content production team will continue to work hard on constantly creating new, compelling story plots and situational scenarios. Order now to become an early supporter and get all future upgrades and add-ons completely free


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