Unreal But Perfect

So... how should Sheila look like? Modern film stars? Pop singers? It became a huge question since everyone has his own goddess. Here's the Google result:

Well...too many.

We've then done some deeper researches on "BEAUTY" and we luckily found this paper: www.kent.ac.uk/physical-sciences/news/front-page/efit-beauty.html

The computer-generated perfect face with a specific face data:

Eyes: Almond-shaped (brown): 0.48 distance apart from eye centres, each is 0.23 width
Eyebrows: Arched, shaped: 0.125 distance above eyes
Nose: Slim, small: 0.37 length, 0.1 wide at bridge and 0.25 wide at base;
Lips: Full: mouth 0.38 wide
Jawline: Regular, smooth: chin 0.21 length
Face: Heart-shaped: 1 wide at eyes, 0.81 wide at mouth and 1.44 long
Brunette hair
Near perfect facial symmetry

So now we can stop fighting for who's the most beautiful girl for a while. Let's start with this Face! We carefully measured everything and figured out that the face is a bit different from the data. What we got from the Face is Heart-shaped: 1 wide at eyes, 0.81 wide at mouth and 1.34 long. A tiny difference though. Let's move on!

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